Timely changelog

We've got something exciting planned!

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You told us you love the idea of a timeline with all your work activities laid out (who doesn't?!), but you need more detail.

So, we've worked hard for the last couple of months to create a new memory timeline experience that will offer more detailed memories and tons of usability improvements.

Want to know more? Let the developer prodigy who's been driving these efforts show you in this video.

If you're interested in joining the beta, please let us know here.

While waiting in excitement to see if you're accepted as an early beta tester, you can read what we've been up to in the past month below:

New Features

  • Project descriptions; Sometimes it can be hard to know which project to log to. Workspace admins and managers can now write descriptions of up to 300 characters to guide their employees to select the right project when they're logging.


  • Boosted the speed of the Tasks page, ensuring it stays quick and responsive, even when you're juggling a mountain of tasks.

  • Polished the tags creation process by making sure the field for adding a new tag clears out properly after you leave the page, keeping everything neat and tidy for your next visit.

  • Introduced a new feature allowing team leads to wield the power of setting Time Entry States, enhancing their ability to manage and organize tasks effectively.

  • Upgraded our monday.com integration to harness their latest API version, ensuring smoother and more efficient communication between the platforms.


  • Squashed a sneaky bug that played hide and seek with project status data when flipping between projects. Now, the dashboard knows its loyalty and sticks to the right data.

  • Made sure the starter plan sticks to its 5-user limit firmly, blocking any attempts to add more users than allowed.

  • Performed a ritual to strengthen the bond between Timely and Microsoft Teams, ensuring their connection doesn't vanish into thin air a few hours after shaking hands again.

  • Fixed an issue where you were able to move locked entries to new days.

  • Corrected the time continuum glitch that made Microsoft Teams memories pop up on the wrong day in the timeline. Time travelers, beware!

  • Fixed a peculiar phenomenon where the time entry's note decided to overlap the checkbox, playing a game of "I can't see you" with time entries. Visibility restored!

  • Solved a glitch where using the shift key could mess up keyboard shortcuts, ensuring everything works smoothly without any unexpected surprises.

  • Improved how the ClickUp integration works, making it update more often and reliably, just like how a hummingbird flits swiftly and smoothly.

Bulk edit time entries, more icons and tons of improvements

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The team has been busy at work the last few weeks cooking up quite the Christmas present for all of you. Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • New App and Website icon service for Memory: We've introduced a new app and website icon service that finds a vast array of app and website icons, and makes sure the correct icon is displayed in your Memory timeline. Making it easier than ever to distinguish memories from each other. You should see fewer and fewer of these placeholder images in your Memory timeline going forward:

  • In-App Product Feedback: You can now provide us with valuable feedback directly within the app, helping us improve your experience. The feedback window can only be opened from select areas for now, but we're expanding it to more areas soon:

  • Time Entry States: This new feature allows for a dynamic workflow where timesheet entries can transition through various custom states, such as 'Logged', 'Approved', and 'Verified'. This feature empowers admins to tailor the time sheet review process according to their organization's specific needs. We're rolling this feature out in beta to all workspaces on the current Premium and Unlimited plans. You will find it under "Workspaces Settings" -> "States":


  • Memories Enhancement: Ever had these annoying "Playing Sound" memories appear all over your timeline? All Chrome tabs with music or video now display their actual titles instead of a generic "Playing sound" label.

  • Bulk-select Time Entries: You can now select multiple time entries in the Hours view, making it really easy to change the project, state or delete multiple entries at once:

  • Filter User Interface: We've made adjustments to the user interface, including removing the "Billed|Unbilled|Total" labels and refining the state selector. This will only affect workspaces utilising the new "Time Entry States" feature (see above) for now:

  • Integration Enhancements: Various improvements have been made to integrations, including better handling of task syncing in ClickUp, resolving issues with MS Teams call events in the timeline, and preventing repeated authorization errors with QuickBooks integration.

  • New Memory for macOS app: Intermittent failures in capturing activity have been addressed, and we've implemented better crash handling to avoid situations where you end up with a lacking memory timeline because the app hasn't been running in the background.

  • Simplified cancellation flow: We've streamlined the subscription cancellation process. Because let's face it, if we annoy you on your way out, you might swipe left on us for good! πŸšͺπŸƒπŸ’¨

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate Entries: Duplicate entries no longer appear in the Hours view when displaying all users.

  • Drag and Drop bugs: We've fixed bugs and rough edges around dragging and dropping time entries. It’s now smoother to use than a buttered slide. Whee!

  • Memory/Mac Install Flow: Installing Memory for Mac is now easier, even for the 'I don't have admin rights' crowd. It's almost as easy as installing a new coffee machine.

  • People Dashboard Black Area: The mysterious black area on the People Dashboard has been sent back to the void. Safari users, it's safe to come out now.

  • People Filter not Working: Fixed an issue where 'Missing time' or 'Overtime' filters did not take the People filter (i.e. who you had filtered on) into account.

  • ClickUp Integration: Issues related to ClickUp integration have been resolved, including tasks not assigning to the relevant Timely user and errors after re-integration with archived clients.

  • Syncing Issues: Updated time entries are now correctly synced to ClickUp, and time logged towards a task in Timely no longer syncs to the wrong day in ClickUp.

  • Integration Limit Handling: We now handle cases where integrations create more than the 1000-project daily limit for trialing workspaces.

  • Search Reset: Holding CMD/CTRL for a new tab doesn't reset search anymore. Because, you know, that's how it should always have worked.

  • Autofill: Autofill note features no longer appear when logging time on behalf of other users.

  • User List: The user list no longer cuts off after 28. It's like finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag – the more, the merrier!

New Memory for Mac & Other Improvements

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New Memory for Mac:

  • We're excited to announce a complete "under the hood" overhaul and re-design of Timely's automatic time tracking app Memory for Mac.Β This gradual roll out only affects you if you downloaded the Memory for Mac app before July 2023. Make sure to check that you are always on the latest version to prevent issues and ensure tracking accuracy.


  • AI timesheet suggestions now automatically exclude timespans already logged. This means fewer "duplicate" suggestions cluttering your view.

  • Added permission options to the custom state editor. You can now set which access levels can make changes to a time entry in a custom state. Custom states are part of a new 'Time Entry States' feature that is currently in closed beta. Reach out to [email protected] to request early access.

  • Improved the creation of drafts for users/projects logging projects with 'default tags,' eliminating the creation of identical drafts. This change only affects logging for projects that use the default tags feature.


  • Patched a classic case of identity crisis in our ClickUp Integration. 'Manager' users can now import tasks without fear of being demoted to 'Employee' status. Our apologies to any managers who had to take a surprise trip down the corporate ladder.

  • Tidied up a case of parental overreach in our tagging system. Parent Tags were a bit too eager and kept showing up in ClickUp uninvited, even when their Child Tags were ready to take the stage. We've now implemented a 'You must be this independent to proceed' check.

  • Exorcised a ghost in the dropdown list that loved to scream "Error: Unexpected undefined" at unsuspecting users scrolling to the abyss. Turns out it just wanted to be acknowledged. We've given it a nod and shown it the way out.

AI Improvements & Sticky Headers

New features

  • You can now define custom colors and icons for time entry states. The timesheet states is currently in closed beta, please reach out if you're interesting in getting access.


  • Our timesheet header has developed a clingy personality! Now, when you're scrolling through timesheets, the header sticks with you like a loyal puppy, ensuring you never lose sight of what day it is or which client's time you're scrutinizing. Say goodbye to the days of scrolling back up to remember where you are – this header's got your back, or rather, your top! πŸΆπŸ”

  • Our AI now learns even faster from the names of tags you log memories to. This means you can train your AI to give accurate predictions even faster than before.

  • Timely's AI now focuses on learning from the most recent time entry when the same memory is logged multiple times. For instance, consider the scenario depicted in the screenshot below. Previously, if a memory like "AI team sync" was logged under different projects, Timely's AI might have gotten confused and proposed less accurate suggestions for that memory and other similar memories. With this update, the AI will prioritize and learn from the latest time entry for that memory. This enhancement aims to streamline the AI's learning process and improve the accuracy of its suggestions, especially in scenarios similar to the one illustrated.


  • Fixed an issue where syncing Quickbooks invoices would give a "Internal Server Error" message.

What's new in Timely:

New features

  • Workspaces can now create their own custom time entry states. This is a feature to enable a timesheet approval flow currently in closed beta, please reach out if you're interesting in getting access.

  • Created APIs to support selecting which boards to import from monday.com. This is the first step to releasing an improvement to our monday.com integration which will let you select which boards to import when it's done. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Timely now integrates with monday.com, read all about it in our latest blog post.


  • You can now open project/client search results in new tab by holding CMD/CTRL when clicking.

  • Updated G2 Badges on Login and Sign up page to showcase our latest awards!

  • Implement our own icon fetching service in Timely memory timeline to fetch app and website icons instead of using a third-party provider. This to increase our security – something we take very seriously – and to reduce reliability on third party services.

  • Timely's AI now learns from detached memories and dismissed tags:

    • Detached tags: Time entries that are tagged but do not have an actively linked memory will help AI learn the tags implicitly, in addition to projects.

    • Dismissed tags: Memories that are dismissed from a tagged draft will signal AI to pay more attention to them, whether it was the wrong project or the wrong tag or both.


  • Fixed a bug where clicking "Manage Tags" from a Time Entry did nothing.

  • Squashed a nasty bug that caused tags added to a project to disappear if using default tags on a project.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete Task" button was black instead of red (the color of DANGER!)

  • Fixed a visual bug where the filter for states in Reports -> Timesheets had the wrong transparency presentation

  • Fixed an issue where the (new) Memory app for macOS would sometimes send memories with empty URLs.

  • Fixed a security vulnerability found in our Jira integration.

  • Fixed an issue with Timezone/Daylight Saving Switch Issues when using different browser on macOS

  • Button colors were going through a teenage identity crisis due to our recent design system implementation. They've found themselves now, and the colors are correct again.

  • Replaced video thumbnail for AI video in panel with a more descriptive one.

  • Fixed a visual issue where the background on the list of memories was doing an invisibility act. We've convinced it to reappear.

What's new in Timely: Timely's AI now suggests tags

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Great news: Timely's AI can now automatically include tags when generating your timesheet drafts. This new feature adds to our existing ability to pre-select projects for you. In short, you'll spend even less time manually logging and more time focusing on what really matters.

Below you can see an example where the "Meetings" project and the "TEAM: Engineering" tag has both been pre-selected by Timely's AI, since that's how I usually log that meeting with Martin:

Some things to note about how this works:

  1. Single Tag Learning: For now, our AI is focused on learning only one tag per memory. That means each AI-generated draft will also suggest just one tag. This isn't a limitation for most users, as over 80% of tagged time entries use only one tag.

  2. Project/Tag Combinations: When you log time to a project and include a tag, our AI will treat that specific project/tag combo as a unique entity for future suggestions. If you log time with only a project and no tag, the AI will suggest just the project, leaving the tag field blank.

  3. Default Tags: If you have default tags set up in your workspace, they won't influence the AI's suggestions. These tags get automatically attached to your logged time entries but are not considered by the AI for future recommendations.

New features

  • Timely's AI now supports predicting tags when drafting time entries (see above)

  • Time entries now support different states (i.e. 'For review', 'Accepted', 'Verified' and so on). This is a feature to enable a timesheet approval flow currently in closed beta, please reach out if you're interesting in getting access.


  • Fixed the crash that occurred when you dared to click "See full week" on the All Users page. Our system is no longer shy; peek all you want!

  • Tamed the rebellious Enter key that preferred to travel through time increments rather than actually logging your suggested time. The key has returned to its senses and will now obey your command.

  • Resolved the eternal loop of data importing for ClickUp sync. It's now back to being a speedy delivery service instead of a never-ending conveyor belt.

  • Reports Dashboard list view now loads report data when you open a report. It's like Sherlock Holmes but for your data; mysteries solved on arrival!

  • Fixed the disappearing act Chrome tab groups were pulling off in Tauri. They're back from their secret mission and ready for duty.

  • Quashed the bug that either crashed the front end or threw a 404 when you opened a day in the People - All Users tab. You can now view daily data without summoning the digital Bermuda Triangle.


  • Memory Tracker for Timely on macOS will now collect tab group name, profile name and tab pin information from browsers

  • We removed the "New Workspace" button from main menu, as this was causing a lot of workspaces created by mistake. Note: You can still create new workspaces by going here.

What's new in Timely: Lots of plumbing

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The last sprint we worked on a lot of invisible – but important – changes to enable upcoming new features and improvements to how we work. Most noteably we have been laying the required plumbing for a new feature we're working on that will allow workspaces to set up a "timesheet approval" workflow.

We've also rolled out a token-based design system that lets us enhance Timely's UI much faster. Plus, our AI now lives in its own sleek, stand-alone service.

Here's the full list of changes:


  • Fixed wrong transparency on the Timely ecosystem page:
    Transparency levels recalibrated. No more accidental invisibility cloaks!

  • Fixed an issue where Webhook subscriptions frequently broke:
    Webhooks got tangled; we untangled them. Now swinging into action without a hitch.

  • Fixed an issue where AI drafts were disabled although it appeared enabled in the UI:
    UI and AI were having a disagreement. We played couples therapy, and now they're back in sync.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Edit project" page link was disabled on the individual project page:
    The "Edit" button was playing hard to get. We gave it a pep talk, and it's clickable again.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a day in the "People - All Users" tab leads to a crash or 404 error:
    404 Error played hide-and-seek, but we found it and kicked it out. Tabs should behave now.


  • New version of our Memory app for macOS:

    • Memory now captures tab group names in Google Chrome

    • Added an option to track incognito Chrome windows (disabled by default)

Behind the scenes

  • AI Pipeline Upgrades
    We've revamped our AI to be faster, smarter, and more independent than ever. Think of it like giving your personal assistant a jetpack and a problem-solving toolkit. The AI now handles drafts seamlessly, setting the stage for real-time, on-demand intelligence down the line. This is just the first step in making your Timely experience even more intuitive and efficient.

  • New design system

    TL;DR: We have spent several months working on a new design system that is like LEGO for our user interface: standardized, reusable "bricks" make everything look cohesive and allow for super-fast updates. Think of it as a shortcut to both a sleek look and nifty features like dark mode. It's a win-win for both developers and users, streamlining everything from design to coding. πŸŒ‘βœ¨

    • Cohesive look & feel
      Tokens are a collection of styles that are allowed to be used (colors, spacings etc.). It's like having a set of LEGO bricks, and you're limited to using only those for construction.
      By building from the same elements, our UI will have a cohesive look & feel.
      No more slightly different color shades or leftover styles from old designs!

    • Easy to apply sitewide changes
      If we decide to change a color or a font size, we only need to update it in one place, and it automatically applies everywhere.

    • Theming capabilities
      Since we have centralized control over our styles, creating new themes requires very little coding. (Hello dark mode!)

    • Faster development
      Instead of hardcoding every value on every page, we can just reference our design tokens.
      We can also build components (buttons, dropdowns) from them and reuse those as well.

    • Better developer experience
      Working with reusable styles and components makes our code shorter, simpler and easier to read. Design tokens are the single source of truth: this is what we use in both Figma and code. This means easier collaboration between designers and developers.

  • Other behind the scenes upgrades

    • Fine-tuning details for our upcoming monday.com integration.

    • Major groundwork for our next-gen memory database system. Keep an eye out for revolutionary updates to our automatic time tracking!

What's new in Timely

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Timeline view of Tasks should now be considerable faster.

  • The speed of syncing data from our sync integrations should now be even faster.

  • Tags and Default tags are now split into separate sections in the project editor to improve UX.

  • Memory for Chrome is now only pops up if you're using something else than MacOSΒ or Windows.

  • Timely Academy and Live Training links have been added to the in-app help menu.

🐞 Fixes

  • If you have connected services with inactive Webhooks we now eventually stop subscribing to those.

  • Disable scrolling when editing rates on a project.

  • Archiving/restoring projects with default tags could cause the default tag to be removed from the project.

Introducing our comprehensive ClickUp integration

changelog cover

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly-anticipated Timely and ClickUp integration. This is a game-changer for those of you who rely on ClickUp to streamline their work. We've prepared a quick video to showcase the power of the Timely and ClickUp integration. Take a moment to watch it and see firsthand how it simplifies your workday:

To find out more about what this integration can do for you and your team visit our ClickUp Integration page. Β We've also put together a comprehensive help center article to guide you through the process of integrating Timely with ClickUp. Dive in and explore all the possibilities!

Introducing Tasks API

We're super keen to announce that the Tasks API is now out of beta and available publicly for all workspaces. This API enables Timely customers with technical know-how to seamlessly manage tasks across third-party applications, empowering teams to manage their info more flexibly..‍

Read more in our developer documentation.

Fixes & improvements to custom currencies

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Admins can now update custom currencies on projects that have locked or billed entries.

  • The ability to add a Default tags to a project no longer requires that the default tag has sub tags.

🐞 Fixes

  • Completing a task on a newly created project in Basecamp could sometime cause it not to show up on the timeline.

  • A long Tag lists popup could cause a weird visual bug.

  • Sometimes the Memory selection toggle when logging hours could be hidden behind text and thus not toggable.

Introducing Default Tags

Admins and managers can now set default tags on any projects. It takes the burden of the users and makes sure you can accurately report on the tag later. Read more in this support document.

🐞 Fixes

  • Some features were marked as not available on some enterprise plans that should have access

🐞 Fixes

  • The first project on pie charts in Reports would list twice.

  • The discount percentage within the app did not reflect the discount on pricing page.

🐞 Fixes

  • Changing your primary email now requires entering your password for security reasons.

  • Product updates wasn’t showing up in-app in the Notifications section bottom left.

Improvements & Fixes

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • In addition to the previously announced capacity column on reports, you can now add separate overtime and undertime columns, which makes it even easier to report on local regulations and laws for overtime tracking.

🐞 Fixes

  • Budget graphs were blank for Managers w/ Hidden Rates

  • A bug could prevent some users from updating their email address

  • Sometimes the "All Users" and β€œDeleted users" pages were empty even if users were selected

  • A bug when deleting or creating tags could generate 500 errors

  • A scrollbar was missing for grouped memories in the timeline


Improvements & Fixes

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • We added a 'get more info' icon and link to MS integrations selection in Ecosystem page

🐞 Fixes

  • The subscription tab was showing for some workspaces that pay via manual invoice

  • Only the first 100 tasks was getting loaded for each user

  • The "created_at" field had an issue that could cause it to be removed for some projects

  • An issue could cause the Company week view to only display some hour entries much wider than the rest

  • On the Memory timeline we fixed an issue where Ignored entries continue showing in logged entries

🐞 Fixes

  • Removed unnecessary toast messages that only provided noise for users

  • Resolved an issue where project search in reports does not show all search results

  • Updating an hour via the β€œUpdate an event” API could delete the timestamp.

  • A bug could cause the Outlook integration issue to not display some emails in the Memory timeline

Improvements & Fixes

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • We added the ability to add a capacity column to reporting to show who’s over- and underutilised. Also helpful for to stay compliant with local audits and regulations for overtime tracking.

🐞 Fixes

  • An issue could cause Office 365 calendar connection to not import for 24+ hours and miss events

Improvements & fixes

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • AI Drafts now show a small brain icon in the bottom left to indicate it comes from the AI.

  • The Projects page now shows how many active projects you have.

🐞 Fixes

  • A bug could cause the notification for "If I haven't logged hours today..." setting to not trigger

  • The Microsoft Teams integration could sometimes lose the connection a few hours after re-connection

  • Report widgets displayed the wrong placeholder message when they have no data to show

  • Fixed an issue with where the help text to filter projects on reports was being truncated.

Introducing Multi-currency support

Previously you could only set a single currency for your whole account. With new Multi-currency feature you can now set a custom one on a per project level.‍

Read more in our support document.

🐞 Fixes

  • Logged time was sometimes not automatically preselected when accepting drafts from week view

  • Fixed an issue with the email template for new users being invited to an existing worksapce.

Timely + Microsoft Teams

changelog cover

We’re thrilled to launch the official Microsoft Teams integration for Timely. This is a great way to have your Teams calls show up directly on the Memory timeline. It will also show any documents you edit directly in Teams. ‍

Read more in the support doc.

Introducing widgets on Timely for iPhone

Now you can add a Today widget anywhere on iPhone. It will show you all the hours you’ve logged today in addition to being the fastes way to log any new hours.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • We added support for interacting with AI drafts in weekly and monthly views on Hours page

  • We adjusted the threshold for when projects end up "other" category on donut graphs on Reports so that more projects will list individually

🐞 Fixes

  • We added an upgrade prompt to the logo section, so that users on Starter and Premium plans can upgrade easily to access this feature

  • We re-added some features to Enterprise Plan that was missing

  • There was an issue where prompt payment overdue workspaces to subscribes was visible to employees and managers

  • We fixed an issue where the Android location tracker stopped working

  • We fixed an issue where archived projects cannot be found in the projects filter

Introducing widgets on Android

changelog cover

You can now create two types of integrations on Android.

  • The first is Today, and it will show you all the hours logged for today.

  • The second is Projects and it will show you the project name, client name, total logged time, total planned time, unbilled hours and logged money.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • There’s now a pre-filled email template for admins on a workspace that is payment overdue and you want to contact support to fix it.

🐞 Fixes

  • The wrong error message showed up when a limited team lead tried to edit an entry that was marked as invoiced.

  • There was an issue with rounding money in cost summaries.


New Ecosystem pages

changelog cover

Have you seen our new Ecosystem page on the website? Now the integrations page in the app to show the refreshed categorizeations as well. The Integrations page has been renamed "Timely Ecosystem". We split them into Time Tracking integrations and Sync integrations.

New options when export to Excel

Now there's all-new options when you're exporting data to Excel from Reports. Check out this support article for more.

Added Expand all button on widgets in reports

This handy feature makes it easy to expand all rows on any report widget.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Added back solid background to hour labels in the memory timeline.

  • Updated button designs in various places.

  • Improved confirmation texts when deleting unused drafts and when archiving a project.

  • Added a new logic and popups for workspaces that are in "payment overdue" state

🐞 Fixes

  • Tags was not in alphabetical order under the project tab when you export a report to Excel.

  • Expired trial users was not able to add seats when buying a subscription and the count did not save when changing plans.

  • Calendar borders did not precisely line up with calendar header borders.

  • If you used multiple workspaces the logo of the current chosen would show in all of them in the switcher menu.

  • If you deselcted unlogged and logged memories under the Memory settings dropdown it would say "All memories logged"

  • An old version of the top left workspace switcher was showing on the settings page.

  • When filtering for Projects without Budgets, it could sometimes also show projects that had a budget.

  • You had to refresh the browser to cancel a "Billed via Invoice" status on an indidual hour entry.

  • Sent emails in Gmail would display a duration on the timeline. It should only be a dot.