Timely changelog

What's new in Timely: Timely's AI now suggests tags

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Great news: Timely's AI can now automatically include tags when generating your timesheet drafts. This new feature adds to our existing ability to pre-select projects for you. In short, you'll spend even less time manually logging and more time focusing on what really matters.

Below you can see an example where the "Meetings" project and the "TEAM: Engineering" tag has both been pre-selected by Timely's AI, since that's how I usually log that meeting with Martin:

Some things to note about how this works:

  1. Single Tag Learning: For now, our AI is focused on learning only one tag per memory. That means each AI-generated draft will also suggest just one tag. This isn't a limitation for most users, as over 80% of tagged time entries use only one tag.

  2. Project/Tag Combinations: When you log time to a project and include a tag, our AI will treat that specific project/tag combo as a unique entity for future suggestions. If you log time with only a project and no tag, the AI will suggest just the project, leaving the tag field blank.

  3. Default Tags: If you have default tags set up in your workspace, they won't influence the AI's suggestions. These tags get automatically attached to your logged time entries but are not considered by the AI for future recommendations.

New features

  • Timely's AI now supports predicting tags when drafting time entries (see above)

  • Time entries now support different states (i.e. 'For review', 'Accepted', 'Verified' and so on). This is a feature to enable a timesheet approval flow currently in closed beta, please reach out if you're interesting in getting access.


  • Fixed the crash that occurred when you dared to click "See full week" on the All Users page. Our system is no longer shy; peek all you want!

  • Tamed the rebellious Enter key that preferred to travel through time increments rather than actually logging your suggested time. The key has returned to its senses and will now obey your command.

  • Resolved the eternal loop of data importing for ClickUp sync. It's now back to being a speedy delivery service instead of a never-ending conveyor belt.

  • Reports Dashboard list view now loads report data when you open a report. It's like Sherlock Holmes but for your data; mysteries solved on arrival!

  • Fixed the disappearing act Chrome tab groups were pulling off in Tauri. They're back from their secret mission and ready for duty.

  • Quashed the bug that either crashed the front end or threw a 404 when you opened a day in the People - All Users tab. You can now view daily data without summoning the digital Bermuda Triangle.


  • Memory Tracker for Timely on macOS will now collect tab group name, profile name and tab pin information from browsers

  • We removed the "New Workspace" button from main menu, as this was causing a lot of workspaces created by mistake. Note: You can still create new workspaces by going here.