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The future of Timely

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TLDR; We’re enhancing Timely with a more flexible Memory experience and making reporting easier to use and more powerful.

The time tracking app to end time tracking

What sets Timely apart is our relentless focus on automating accurate timesheets. We know how important it is for knowledge workers to focus on what they do best and that inspires them the most (hint: it's not doing timesheets). At the same time, we know how critical it is for employers to trust timesheet data to make key business decisions, manage projects efficiently, and bill clients on time.

With Timely's Memory and AI features, we believe we've come a long way on our quest to create the time tracking app to end time tracking. However, as many of you have told us, there are still areas for improvement.

When it comes to displaying memories in Timely, there are as many preferences and workflows as there are users. This means we can’t take a “one size fits all” approach, so we’ve rethought our internal architecture to allow more flexibility.

We’ve focused heavily on this new architecture and the new functionality it enables over the past few months. It’s now almost ready for a wider audience, and we’re opening up for beta testers. If you'd like to see what's coming, apply for the beta here.

Reports that supports your business

Timely’s reporting is crucial. What’s the point of collecting accurate time tracking data if you can’t put it to good use?

In the past few months, we’ve talked to dozens of Timely users, read hundreds of feedback notes, and studied best-in-class software products across various industries. Based on this, we’ve identified three main areas to improve in our reporting:

  1. We want to make it easier to uncover typical industry insights and answer common analysis questions without relying on third-party tools like spreadsheets and Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Calculating utilization, profitability, and project budget overruns directly in Timely should be possible.

  2. We want exporting report data from Timely to be simple and painless. Combining Timely’s data with data from other systems to create powerful reports for your business should be easy, fast, and, whenever possible, automatic.

  3. Timely’s reporting needs to adapt better to different use cases. The custom report templates available today are a good start, but they need further improvement to be truly excellent.

I hope this quick dive into what we’re currently working on and how we think about Timely’s future was interesting and useful. We have many improvements and new features coming to make Timely better for you, so stay tuned for updates.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the “Submit Feedback” form on the Roadmap tab above.

Now, over to what was shipped recently:

New Features

New: AND/OR Filtering on tags

  • Added the ability to use AND/OR filtering for tags when using reports or the Timesheets view. This is the first of many improvements coming to reporting.


  • We have disabled cost rate changes for locked hours. This fixes the issue where changing the cost rate of a user would alter the historical cost associated with previously logged, locked time entries. Now you can be confident that data in a locked period remains unchanged.


  • The Locked Time API is now available, see the public API documentation. This enables you to lock time based on automations you create through our Zapier app or with your own self-hosted custom code. You could for example lock a time period automatically on the nth day of a new month, using Zapier's Schedule feature.

  • The cost of a time entry is now exposed in our public API, see documentation here. The cost is calculated based on the logging user's cost rate, as explained here.


  • Fixed an issue where updating a group name in Monday.com didn’t reflect in Timely. Now, when you rename a group in Monday, the corresponding project name in Timely will sync up instantly. 🛠️✨

  • Fixed the total capacity calculation on the People page when switching to view by teams, ensuring accurate data is displayed.

  • Resolved an issue preventing workspaces on the latest Starter plan from using the feature that enables logging or adjusting hours for other users.

  • Improved the performance of the Users -> Dashboard page for workspaces subscribing to the Tasks feature. This page should load significantly faster now.

  • Squashed a bug where the Project Status page did not reload appropriately after changing the budget.

  • Fixed an issue where logged entries disappeared when selecting a tag to log a new entry.