Timely changelog

New Memory for Mac & Other Improvements

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New Memory for Mac:

  • We're excited to announce a complete "under the hood" overhaul and re-design of Timely's automatic time tracking app Memory for Mac. This gradual roll out only affects you if you downloaded the Memory for Mac app before July 2023. Make sure to check that you are always on the latest version to prevent issues and ensure tracking accuracy.


  • AI timesheet suggestions now automatically exclude timespans already logged. This means fewer "duplicate" suggestions cluttering your view.

  • Added permission options to the custom state editor. You can now set which access levels can make changes to a time entry in a custom state. Custom states are part of a new 'Time Entry States' feature that is currently in closed beta. Reach out to [email protected] to request early access.

  • Improved the creation of drafts for users/projects logging projects with 'default tags,' eliminating the creation of identical drafts. This change only affects logging for projects that use the default tags feature.


  • Patched a classic case of identity crisis in our ClickUp Integration. 'Manager' users can now import tasks without fear of being demoted to 'Employee' status. Our apologies to any managers who had to take a surprise trip down the corporate ladder.

  • Tidied up a case of parental overreach in our tagging system. Parent Tags were a bit too eager and kept showing up in ClickUp uninvited, even when their Child Tags were ready to take the stage. We've now implemented a 'You must be this independent to proceed' check.

  • Exorcised a ghost in the dropdown list that loved to scream "Error: Unexpected undefined" at unsuspecting users scrolling to the abyss. Turns out it just wanted to be acknowledged. We've given it a nod and shown it the way out.