Timely changelog

We've got something exciting planned!

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You told us you love the idea of a timeline with all your work activities laid out (who doesn't?!), but you need more detail.

So, we've worked hard for the last couple of months to create a new memory timeline experience that will offer more detailed memories and tons of usability improvements.

Want to know more? Let the developer prodigy who's been driving these efforts show you in this video.

If you're interested in joining the beta, please let us know here.

While waiting in excitement to see if you're accepted as an early beta tester, you can read what we've been up to in the past month below:

New Features

  • Project descriptions; Sometimes it can be hard to know which project to log to. Workspace admins and managers can now write descriptions of up to 300 characters to guide their employees to select the right project when they're logging.


  • Boosted the speed of the Tasks page, ensuring it stays quick and responsive, even when you're juggling a mountain of tasks.

  • Polished the tags creation process by making sure the field for adding a new tag clears out properly after you leave the page, keeping everything neat and tidy for your next visit.

  • Introduced a new feature allowing team leads to wield the power of setting Time Entry States, enhancing their ability to manage and organize tasks effectively.

  • Upgraded our monday.com integration to harness their latest API version, ensuring smoother and more efficient communication between the platforms.


  • Squashed a sneaky bug that played hide and seek with project status data when flipping between projects. Now, the dashboard knows its loyalty and sticks to the right data.

  • Made sure the starter plan sticks to its 5-user limit firmly, blocking any attempts to add more users than allowed.

  • Performed a ritual to strengthen the bond between Timely and Microsoft Teams, ensuring their connection doesn't vanish into thin air a few hours after shaking hands again.

  • Fixed an issue where you were able to move locked entries to new days.

  • Corrected the time continuum glitch that made Microsoft Teams memories pop up on the wrong day in the timeline. Time travelers, beware!

  • Fixed a peculiar phenomenon where the time entry's note decided to overlap the checkbox, playing a game of "I can't see you" with time entries. Visibility restored!

  • Solved a glitch where using the shift key could mess up keyboard shortcuts, ensuring everything works smoothly without any unexpected surprises.

  • Improved how the ClickUp integration works, making it update more often and reliably, just like how a hummingbird flits swiftly and smoothly.