Timely changelog

What's new in Timely: Lots of plumbing

changelog cover

The last sprint we worked on a lot of invisible – but important – changes to enable upcoming new features and improvements to how we work. Most noteably we have been laying the required plumbing for a new feature we're working on that will allow workspaces to set up a "timesheet approval" workflow.

We've also rolled out a token-based design system that lets us enhance Timely's UI much faster. Plus, our AI now lives in its own sleek, stand-alone service.

Here's the full list of changes:


  • Fixed wrong transparency on the Timely ecosystem page:
    Transparency levels recalibrated. No more accidental invisibility cloaks!

  • Fixed an issue where Webhook subscriptions frequently broke:
    Webhooks got tangled; we untangled them. Now swinging into action without a hitch.

  • Fixed an issue where AI drafts were disabled although it appeared enabled in the UI:
    UI and AI were having a disagreement. We played couples therapy, and now they're back in sync.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Edit project" page link was disabled on the individual project page:
    The "Edit" button was playing hard to get. We gave it a pep talk, and it's clickable again.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a day in the "People - All Users" tab leads to a crash or 404 error:
    404 Error played hide-and-seek, but we found it and kicked it out. Tabs should behave now.


  • New version of our Memory app for macOS:

    • Memory now captures tab group names in Google Chrome

    • Added an option to track incognito Chrome windows (disabled by default)

Behind the scenes

  • AI Pipeline Upgrades
    We've revamped our AI to be faster, smarter, and more independent than ever. Think of it like giving your personal assistant a jetpack and a problem-solving toolkit. The AI now handles drafts seamlessly, setting the stage for real-time, on-demand intelligence down the line. This is just the first step in making your Timely experience even more intuitive and efficient.

  • New design system

    TL;DR: We have spent several months working on a new design system that is like LEGO for our user interface: standardized, reusable "bricks" make everything look cohesive and allow for super-fast updates. Think of it as a shortcut to both a sleek look and nifty features like dark mode. It's a win-win for both developers and users, streamlining everything from design to coding. 🌑✨

    • Cohesive look & feel
      Tokens are a collection of styles that are allowed to be used (colors, spacings etc.). It's like having a set of LEGO bricks, and you're limited to using only those for construction.
      By building from the same elements, our UI will have a cohesive look & feel.
      No more slightly different color shades or leftover styles from old designs!

    • Easy to apply sitewide changes
      If we decide to change a color or a font size, we only need to update it in one place, and it automatically applies everywhere.

    • Theming capabilities
      Since we have centralized control over our styles, creating new themes requires very little coding. (Hello dark mode!)

    • Faster development
      Instead of hardcoding every value on every page, we can just reference our design tokens.
      We can also build components (buttons, dropdowns) from them and reuse those as well.

    • Better developer experience
      Working with reusable styles and components makes our code shorter, simpler and easier to read. Design tokens are the single source of truth: this is what we use in both Figma and code. This means easier collaboration between designers and developers.

  • Other behind the scenes upgrades

    • Fine-tuning details for our upcoming monday.com integration.

    • Major groundwork for our next-gen memory database system. Keep an eye out for revolutionary updates to our automatic time tracking!