Timely changelog

Bulk edit time entries, more icons and tons of improvements

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The team has been busy at work the last few weeks cooking up quite the Christmas present for all of you. Here are the highlights:

New Features

  • New App and Website icon service for Memory: We've introduced a new app and website icon service that finds a vast array of app and website icons, and makes sure the correct icon is displayed in your Memory timeline. Making it easier than ever to distinguish memories from each other. You should see fewer and fewer of these placeholder images in your Memory timeline going forward:

  • In-App Product Feedback: You can now provide us with valuable feedback directly within the app, helping us improve your experience. The feedback window can only be opened from select areas for now, but we're expanding it to more areas soon:

  • Time Entry States: This new feature allows for a dynamic workflow where timesheet entries can transition through various custom states, such as 'Logged', 'Approved', and 'Verified'. This feature empowers admins to tailor the time sheet review process according to their organization's specific needs. We're rolling this feature out in beta to all workspaces on the current Premium and Unlimited plans. You will find it under "Workspaces Settings" -> "States":


  • Memories Enhancement: Ever had these annoying "Playing Sound" memories appear all over your timeline? All Chrome tabs with music or video now display their actual titles instead of a generic "Playing sound" label.

  • Bulk-select Time Entries: You can now select multiple time entries in the Hours view, making it really easy to change the project, state or delete multiple entries at once:

  • Filter User Interface: We've made adjustments to the user interface, including removing the "Billed|Unbilled|Total" labels and refining the state selector. This will only affect workspaces utilising the new "Time Entry States" feature (see above) for now:

  • Integration Enhancements: Various improvements have been made to integrations, including better handling of task syncing in ClickUp, resolving issues with MS Teams call events in the timeline, and preventing repeated authorization errors with QuickBooks integration.

  • New Memory for macOS app: Intermittent failures in capturing activity have been addressed, and we've implemented better crash handling to avoid situations where you end up with a lacking memory timeline because the app hasn't been running in the background.

  • Simplified cancellation flow: We've streamlined the subscription cancellation process. Because let's face it, if we annoy you on your way out, you might swipe left on us for good! πŸšͺπŸƒπŸ’¨

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate Entries: Duplicate entries no longer appear in the Hours view when displaying all users.

  • Drag and Drop bugs: We've fixed bugs and rough edges around dragging and dropping time entries. It’s now smoother to use than a buttered slide. Whee!

  • Memory/Mac Install Flow: Installing Memory for Mac is now easier, even for the 'I don't have admin rights' crowd. It's almost as easy as installing a new coffee machine.

  • People Dashboard Black Area: The mysterious black area on the People Dashboard has been sent back to the void. Safari users, it's safe to come out now.

  • People Filter not Working: Fixed an issue where 'Missing time' or 'Overtime' filters did not take the People filter (i.e. who you had filtered on) into account.

  • ClickUp Integration: Issues related to ClickUp integration have been resolved, including tasks not assigning to the relevant Timely user and errors after re-integration with archived clients.

  • Syncing Issues: Updated time entries are now correctly synced to ClickUp, and time logged towards a task in Timely no longer syncs to the wrong day in ClickUp.

  • Integration Limit Handling: We now handle cases where integrations create more than the 1000-project daily limit for trialing workspaces.

  • Search Reset: Holding CMD/CTRL for a new tab doesn't reset search anymore. Because, you know, that's how it should always have worked.

  • Autofill: Autofill note features no longer appear when logging time on behalf of other users.

  • User List: The user list no longer cuts off after 28. It's like finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag – the more, the merrier!