Timely changelog

What's new in Timely:

New features

  • Workspaces can now create their own custom time entry states. This is a feature to enable a timesheet approval flow currently in closed beta, please reach out if you're interesting in getting access.

  • Created APIs to support selecting which boards to import from monday.com. This is the first step to releasing an improvement to our monday.com integration which will let you select which boards to import when it's done. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Timely now integrates with monday.com, read all about it in our latest blog post.


  • You can now open project/client search results in new tab by holding CMD/CTRL when clicking.

  • Updated G2 Badges on Login and Sign up page to showcase our latest awards!

  • Implement our own icon fetching service in Timely memory timeline to fetch app and website icons instead of using a third-party provider. This to increase our security – something we take very seriously – and to reduce reliability on third party services.

  • Timely's AI now learns from detached memories and dismissed tags:

    • Detached tags: Time entries that are tagged but do not have an actively linked memory will help AI learn the tags implicitly, in addition to projects.

    • Dismissed tags: Memories that are dismissed from a tagged draft will signal AI to pay more attention to them, whether it was the wrong project or the wrong tag or both.


  • Fixed a bug where clicking "Manage Tags" from a Time Entry did nothing.

  • Squashed a nasty bug that caused tags added to a project to disappear if using default tags on a project.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete Task" button was black instead of red (the color of DANGER!)

  • Fixed a visual bug where the filter for states in Reports -> Timesheets had the wrong transparency presentation

  • Fixed an issue where the (new) Memory app for macOS would sometimes send memories with empty URLs.

  • Fixed a security vulnerability found in our Jira integration.

  • Fixed an issue with Timezone/Daylight Saving Switch Issues when using different browser on macOS

  • Button colors were going through a teenage identity crisis due to our recent design system implementation. They've found themselves now, and the colors are correct again.

  • Replaced video thumbnail for AI video in panel with a more descriptive one.

  • Fixed a visual issue where the background on the list of memories was doing an invisibility act. We've convinced it to reappear.